AE Engineer 应用工程师

  • 更新时间:2019-03-23
  • 学历:不限
  • 工作地点:
  • 语言要求:
  • 工作年限:不限
  • 招聘人数:若干
  • 月薪:0-1000元
  • 性质:
Key Responsibilities The incumbent will perform the following key responsibilities and other functions that may be assigned in the future. Plan and implement sales activities to achieve defined targets and support the Company business strategies. 计划并实施销售活动以达到既定目标并支持公司的业务战略。 Actively explore new customers and sales opportunities, and strengthen relation with customers through total customer account management. 积极探索新客户和销售机会,通过全面客户账户管理加强与客户的关系。 Identify opportunities, promote and sell value added service and solutions to end customers in various industrial groups. 识别机会,促进和销售增值服务和解决终端客户在不同的工业集团 Collects market intelligence proactively to monitor competitors and market development, to identify business opportunities and to recommend new way of doing business. 主动收集市场情报,监测竞争对手和市场发展,查明商机,并推荐新的经营方式。 Take on additional responsibilities that may be assigned by the Company from time to time. 承担公司可能不时分配的额外责任 Required Experience, Knowledge and Skills Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering 机械工程学士学位 3-5 years working experience in machinery area 3-5年机械行业的工作经验 With sales experience of Asia-pacific regional is preferred 有亚太地区销售经验者优先 Fluent spoken and written English 流利的口语和书面英语 Willing to travel up country and visit industrial customers 乐于旅行和访问国家的工业客户 Good analytical skills and able to identify business opportunities 良好的分析能力和识别商机的能力 Service-minded, self motivated and ambitious 服务意识,自我激励和雄心勃勃