Finance Manager 财务经理

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Key Responsibilities Assist Management in monitoring production activity, forecasts, and pipeline development in order to help the unit achieve its high-growth objectives. 协助管理层监控生产活动、预测和管道开发,以帮助业务部门实现高增长目标 Partner with Unit Management and Staff to analyze, assess and support investments and new business initiatives. 与业务部门管理人员和员工合作分析、评估和支持投资和新的业务计划 Manage accurate and timely financial reporting ensuring complete integrity of Financial Statements and Management Reporting. 管理准确及时的财务报告,确保财务报表和管理报告的完整性。 Direct and drive the preparation of annual budgets, quarterly forecasts, and provide periodic detailed feedback on YTD performance compared to budget. 直接的驱动年度预算,编制季度预测,并定期提供详细的反馈相比,预算年度绩效。 Interact with external auditors, agencies and authorities in regard to financial, legal and regulation aspects. 与财务、法律和监管方面的外部审计员、机构和权威人士进行交流。 Manage the internal control platform and the fulfillment of items such as financial regulations, contract review, and customer/vendor creditworthiness assessments. 管理内部控制平台,完成财务条例、合同评审和客户/供应商资信评估等项目。 Drive credit, cash flow and inventory management, including reconciliation and forecasting of SMI (slow moving inventory), inventory counting/inventory cutoff. 驱动信用,现金流和库存管理,包括对SMI(慢移动库存)的对账和预测,库存盘点/库存截止。 Lead and develop the Finance team to perform financial activities proactively in support of the organizational goals and objectives. 领导和发展财务团队,积极开展财务活动,支持组织的目标和目标。 Collaborate with Information Services department to develop, implement and improve process to provide data necessary to evaluate the financial and operational performance as deemed necessary by the Management. 与IS部门协作,制定、实施和改进流程,提供必要的数据,以评估管理层认为必要的财务和运营业绩。 Drive the implementation and improvement of the ERP system in the respective units. 在各业务部门推动ERP系统的实施和改进。 Drive cost reductions by assisting Management in operational reviews and by making efficiency improvement suggestions. 通过协助管理层进行业务评审和提高效率建议来降低成本。 Required Experience, Knowledge and Skills Bachelor degree in Accounting, CPA/ACCA preferred 会计学士学位,CPA、ACCA 优先 Familiar with export VAT Refund System and procedures 熟悉出口退税系统和程序 Around 7 years of experience in an accounting or finance role, 4 years in a manager role 7年以上会计或财务工作经验,4年经理职位 Business oriented thinking and ability to contribute ideas to address business issues 拥有商业为导向的思想和能力,和解决业务问题的想法。 Strong interpersonal skills and effective cross-functional and cross-unit communication and influencing abilities 较强的人际交往能力和有效的跨部门沟通能力和影响力 Good at managing people – establish and communicate expectations, motivate individuals, and provide specific feedback 善于管理的人 建立和沟通的期望,激励员工,并提供具体反馈 In-depth experience with ERP/database applications 深入熟悉ERP系统/数据库的应用 Good at managing multi-tasks 善于多任务管理 Excellent command of written and verbal English. 流利的书面和口头英语。 地址 常山县新都工业园区